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East Lothian- The True
Spiritual Home of the Spitfire

The Full Story
written by David Ostler

Part 1

The Spitfire is more than just a beautiful aeroplane. Described by all those privileged enough to have flown it as 'a delight to fly'.
For those that love the Spitfire it remains the most famous aircraft ever built and an international icon. Yet it was never intended to be any of these things!
The most famous creation of its designer, Reginald J. Mitchell, was destined to be a 'Fighter'.

And so on 16th October 1939 during the first air raid of the war, when a formation of Germany's Luftwaffe, under orders to sink the Royal Navy Flagship, HMS Hood then believed in the Firth of Forth attacked, history was made. In the sky over East Lothian, the Spitfire initially opened fire at extreme range on a German reconnaissance plane near Dunbar and later downed its first hostile aircraft. A Junkers 88 Dive Bomber, of the Luftwaffe's 'Elite' 1KG.30 was initially attacked and damaged by Spitfires of Yellow Section, 603,(City of Edinburgh) Squadron over Colinton Hill, eastwards towards Wallyford where it was subsequently attacked by the Squadron’s Red Section over Prestonpans, thus becoming the first hostile aircraft to fall to the guns of this iconic machine...

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