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East Lothian- The True
Spiritual Home of the Spitfire

The Full Story - Part 2

By chance, the ‘Green Hills’ area of Preston Links, a component of the celebrated ‘John Muir Way’, forms part of the area where, on that fateful October day, the doomed plane involved in this first victory of the war (in British Airspace) crossed the coast and crashed into the sea off Port Seton.

This, I believe presents a classic opportunity for our Community to take its rightful place, not only in history; but also in what became ‘The Spitfire Legend also!’ This is an internationally recognised and enduring phenomenon. This is because the Spitfire was not only flown by any number of overseas pilots; endearing it so many, but the type actually went on to serve with almost every Air Force (around 30 in number) in the Countries of the developed World.

Yes, the Battle of Britain was indeed fought and fought with distinction over green fields in the South of England and the English Channel; however ‘The real Battle for Britain’s Airspace’ began in East Lothian, on our very doorstep!

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